More Than A Literary Festival

We all aspire to have an impact and to leave legacy behind once we have passed on from this world.  The Bocas Lit Fest provides an opportunity for our beloved patrons to provide support and continuity to the work that we do, through the gift of a will.  Simply put, by exercising the option to bequeath a gift to the BLF, you will not only leave a valuable legacy, you will also be contributing to elevating our society, our communities, supporting readers and writers of all ages and from every walk of life through the power of Caribbean literature.  

There are options when considering the gift of a will. These include: 

• A fixed dollar amount; or 

• A residual bequest in the form of a percentage of your net estate

Benefits of a Legacy Gift

Your gift will not be a financial burden to you in the present nor will it affect what you bequeath to your loved ones.  You determine how much of your estate you are willing to donate to the BLF and your can modify your will at any time.

We recommend that you seek  advice from a legal professional in creating or amendmending an existing will and you should also consult with your accountant  to achieve optimal tax efficiency.   

We encourage you to support us with a gift of a will, a contribution that will go far towards the sustainability of the Bocas Lit Fest, long after we have all gone.

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